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About INPsySR

The International Network of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (INPsySR) is an international network of organisations that use psychology to understand and address pressing social issues. It was founded at the European Congress of Psychology in Prague in 2007 by U.S. Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and the German Forum Peace Psychology.

Here you can download the rules and regulations of the Network.

The aims of INPsySR are:

  • To unite the efforts of psychological organisations around the world in which psychologists are currently involved in peace, conflict resolution, and social justice activities.
  • To promote communication and cooperation between psychologists and their organisations in the area of social responsibility.
  • To support member organisations in developing their work in their own countries.
  • To facilitate contacts with international bodies of psychology and related disciplines and to be an important source of advice to institutions, government departments and to political and social organisations.
  • To promote the reputation of psychology and psychologists with regard to social responsibility.

Organisations are eligible for membership if their aims, statutes, and rules are in accord with the aims of the Network. Organisations can apply for membership using the application form which is available for download here [PDF].

The Network holds a General Meeting annually, usually during an international or European or other wider regional congress of psychology.

The Network is governed by a Steering Committee, which consists of representatives of the Member Organisation and Project Groups.

The Network has established Project Groups that work on certain topics and can give advice to international bodies and authorities on matters relevant to the particular area of social responsibility.

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